About Memory Express Gaming


Memory Express is a leading Canadian technology retailer. Since 1996, we have developed rewarding connections with Canadian customers and international vendors.

We believe that customers come first, and we passionately pursue long-lasting relationships by delivering memorable and personal customer interactions.

Canadian gaming communities have know us as a premier source for computer components and gaming systems. Recently, we have been working to innovate the way we work with and contribute to those communities.


We support Canadian gaming communities and their members through sponsorship, and offer enticing co-branding opportunities to our vendor partners, such as your company. This helps our community partners
achieve their goals while enhancing brand visibility for us and our vendor partners among this enormous demographic.


  • Build relationships with Canadian community partners
  • Grow established content creators and communities; give
    opportunities to those that are trying to establish themselves
  • Provide our community partners with the same
    legendary service we offer our retail customers
  • Make your brand and the Memory Express name more
    visible in these communities, both online and offline